25 Little Living Lessons

You can learn and remind through little lessons everyday, begin with 25 Little Living Lessons

Learning starts from the infant stage and continues forever. Learning is a process. There will be something always left for you to learn. We tend to forget some very basic little lessons of life. Or we are forgetting to learn from many little opportunities and experiences of life. 

We should appreciate the flow of knowledge, whether you share and impart, every little learning is vital. What is more important is to remember and recall all those basics instructions that our parents, elders, teachers, friends, partners, children, provide. However, over the ages, some instructions have been forgotten while some instructions have been passed out to generations, and a lot of it gets ignored through the busy lifestyles. 

Here we have amassed, learning of life into easy to remember quotes, to ensure you can adapt and transform them to have a gratifying and promising attitude towards life. 

Various little things in life make vast differences, as we experience more, we learn more. The best way is to keep sharing, discoveries of life in the little living lesson with a hope that these will help both the current and generations to come.  

These little living lessons are vital, and difinitely play a vital role, so here are some quick tips to help you


Little tips to reiterate the flow of Lessons for Rewarding Life for 25 Little Living Lessons

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  • Read at least one such little learning that you might have forgot or did not practice
  • Start your day by embracing one of these little living lessons.
  • If you can forward it to someone you know has forgotten or needs these, then do not hesitate, it is never too late
  • Ensure to share at least on learning with all your friends on social media



When opportunity knocks, invite it to stay for dinner

Win without boasting

Win without boasting

Worth of an object

Remember that a good price is not necessarily what an object is marked, but what it is worth to you

Positive Thinking are strong Medicines

When a friend or loved one becomes ill, remember that hope and positive thinking are strong medicines

Triumph over good sense

Every so often let your spirit of adventure triumph over your good sense

Call a old Friend - Surprise

Surprise an old friend with a phone call

Everything Looks Better

Remember that almost everything looks better after a good night’s sleep

Emptiness cannot be filled with Money

Don’t think you can fill an emptiness in your heart with money

Have a good company travelling

The shortest way to get anywhere is to have good company traveling with you

Don't be thin skinned

Don’t be thin-skinned. Take criticism as well as praise with equal grace

Don't wait, Climb the Hill

When there is a hill to climb, don’t think that waiting will make it smaller

Achievements involve Risk

Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk

Never Risk, cannot afford to lose

Never risk what you can’t afford to lose

Listen to your Critics

Listen to your critics. They will keep you focused and innovative

Make Everybody feel Important

Remember that everyone you meet wears an invisible sign. It reads, “Notice me, Make me feel important.”

Anticipation is Half Joy

Remember that half the joy of achievement is in the anticipation

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself. Aim high

Judge your success

Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it

Just one second longer

Grind it out. Hanging on just one second longer than your competition make you the winner

Judge from where they stand

Judge people from where they stand, not from where you stand

Savour IT

Life will sometimes hand you a magical moment. Savor it

Settle for Excellence

Strive for perfection, but settle for excellence

Lose without excuses

Lose without excuses

Don't believe all you hear

Don’t believe all you hear, spend all you have, or sleep all you want

LIttle Living Lessons
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