Little Lessons for New and Aspiring Managers

All of us aspire to climb up the professional ladder.

 There are few of us who are in a rush to go up the rung , always ready to put in that extra effort,grit and determination !

On the other hand, we also see a category of people who want to go up the ladder, but feel unsure and the need for a guiding force behind them. The third category of people are those who are so busy and caught up  with their present,  that they don’t want to think or have ever considered about climbing the rung.

Dedicated for all those who are aspiring to become managers some day and for those people who have still not started thinking in that direction, this blog with its little words and phrases aims to make you think before you get into the skin of a manager. For all those who have newly taken up a managerial role, can go through little learnings to earn your first Manger Uniform and The Manager Badge.

Before we start, we would like to recommend some good books to help you along your journey.  The purpose of this blogs has is to make you put on your thinking caps and to reiterate and remind you about those little living lessons which would help you transform into a good manager.  

The first book named ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck is to influence your mindset and tap your full potential as a new manager. 

The second book for new managers, which we recomend is called ‘Managing Oneself’ by Peter F.Drucker. As a leader, you would be a role model, led by example. As a new or aspiring manager it’s important that  you are organised and able to manager yourself, before taking up the task of managing others. This second book helps you achieve managing oneself. 

One of the books which I recall helped me out greatly as an aspiring manager is called ‘The New Minute Manager’ by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. A real eye opener for new and aspiring managers, I would strongly recommend it as this book is worth your time !

 For all you aspiring managers out there who are driven by thoughts of transforming yourselves into a new managerial role , expecting  to be more accountable for your actions, embibing the qualities to energize yourself and others, the next book is a must read for you ; titled ‘The Managers Path’ by Camille Fournier , you can draw all the inspiration you need from this book.


 The more you read, think and recall, the better it would be for you as a manager. I don’t intend to recommend all the books, but here is book number five tiltled ‘Drive’ by Daniel H Pink which would help you achieve just that .

So get ready to take embark on your journey to becoming more successful Managers with these books. Here’s wishing you all the success and good luck on your journey !!!!



            Recommended Books for New and Aspiring Managers

  1. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck
  2. Managing Oneself by Peter F. Drucker
  3. The New One Minute Manager – by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson
  4. The Manager’s Path by Camille Fournier
  5. Drive by Daniel H Pink

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Before Becoming a Manager
Do You Really Understand What Mangers Do?
Understanding Leadership Skills
Before you start the Role
Wearing the Manager Uniform
Wear The Manager Badge
Building The Strong Team
Driving Team To Success
Implement Change

Being a manager is a touch balancing role, by managing the team, getting the work done, tacking management, and personal life. 

New managers are expected to show passion, energized, combined with good business acumen, with professionalism.  

LIttle Living Lessons
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