Little Living Lessons

Never Stop Learning because LIfe Never Stops Teaching 

Little Lesson, instruction, suggestions and reminders on how to live a happy and rewarding life.

         “Things do not grow better; they remain as they are. It is we who grow better, by the changes we make in ourselves.” Swamiji

Every aspect of life, from children to parents are all continuously  learning, each day come with something new, Do we really take the learning away ? Everyday we go through several little things, in life, we are successful in many, but at the same time confused in many aspects, either we have not gone through the learning curve or did not pick up from little instructions we get from our near and dear. 

Say managing children, or managing our partners, or manging our career, we need to always remember the little learning coming from everyday life, and ensure its passed on to all. You would never know how many life could be touch with little things in life. 

      You can’t go back and change the Beginning, but you can start where you Are, and change the Ending.” C. S Lewis

Wear The Manager Badge

Little Lessons for New and Aspiring Managers

If you are a new and aspiring manager than this blog is definitely for you, we want you think, and remind you of those little words and phrases that will make a vast difference to your role as a manager.

25 Little Living Thoughts

25 Little Living Thoughts

25 Little Living Thoughts, pause think and read them again if require, these are ment to get your thinking caps out. A thought might help you, a thought might remind you, and get you in tune with what can help.

25 little Love LIfe Lessons

25 Little Love Life Lessons

Cupid is not stupid; He helps only those who help themselves. Let it happen, it is easy to fall in love, and by reminding yourself about the little aspects of life mentioned in the slides below we can enjoy the bliss of being in love and being loved !! Love makes the world around you beautiful.

Little Living Lessons -2

25 Little Living Lessons - 2

Every day, we all go through several little events in our daily lives. Some of these events get registered as learnings in our minds, however, we predominantly perceive the real world through events or experiences.


15 Little Living Lessons for Sucess

Successful people are not made in a day, it is life’s little lessons that would have contributed to shaping what they are today, therefore, what is important are the takeaway lessons from their journey of success !!


25 Little Living Lessons

Learning starts from the infant stage and continues forever. Learning is a process. There will be something always left for you to learn. We tend to forget some very basic little lessons of life. Or we are forgetting to learn from many little opportunities and experiences of life.

LIttle Living Lessons